Goblin Slayer T.V. Media Review Episode 6

Ready to embark on a new adventure?

The countless feats of Goblin Slayer have reached far and wide. He may be a man that only kills goblins, regardless it’s a job that must be done. A request from the Archbishop of the Supreme God has found its way to him. Goblins have somehow begun to infest and attack Water Town. How these goblins gained entrance to this town is quite questionable, although Goblin Slayer is only concerned with one thing. There are goblins living beneath this town, and they must be slain! Exploration of the sewer tunnels has our veteran party encounter numerous clusters of goblins. Now, the goblins found here are a bit more advanced than normal. These wretches have somehow acquired decent gear. Additionally, their knowledge of transports is far above normal. They are able to use boats down here, too. Still, even with their advances, they stand little chance against these adventurers. Countless goblins were slain, yet the real monsters down there remain.

We’ve hit the half way point for goblin slaying. Nevertheless, this brand new arc has only just begun. Something is not quite right about these goblins, though. Their knowledge and equipment are far too out of place. Our party does acknowledge this towards the end of today’s hunt. Just how did these goblins obtain all these gains? We’ll be getting down to the bottom of this over the coming weeks, but for now it’s time for some extermination. Enjoy and beware of the alligator!





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We’ve got more goblins to slay! Join us for another sewer adventure next Wednesday here at, Anime Solution.