Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi T.V. Media Review Episode 2

A demon or a saint?

Consumption of the Philosopher’s Stone has proven quite difficult. Astaroth believed Montmorency could do it in 3 years with her guidance, but more than double that time has gone by. All attempts thus far have ended in failure for Montmorency. As such, it’s time to get out into the world and look for a sufficient source of power. Maybe then Montmorency will be able to make the perfect elixir for immortality. During his travels he comes across a ruins that could work to his aid, though that’s not all he found there. Jeanne, a local village-girl just so happened to be there with her fairy friends. She’s a curious one, and couldn’t help but get involved with Montmorency’s alchemy. Unfortunately, her help ended up causing the experiment to go haywire. Montmorency was hurt, yet there was a positive outcome out of all this. His body has become a vessel that can transmute on the spot.

During all this time England’s grasp upon France has only continued to increase. War has now found its way to Jeanne’s village. England’s usage of the scorched earth strategy leaves these villagers with little hope. Even paying mercenaries for help won’t save them. During the attack, Jeanne runs off only to find her fairy friends murdered. She soon would join them in their fate, however this won’t be her end. Montmorency found her mortally wounded and offered her a choice. He offers her a gift of power to turn the tides of this war. If she is able to survive the intake of the stone, then power shall be hers. It’s a risk she’s willing to accept to finally bring about the end of all wars.

Jeanne was able to survive the consumption of the Philosopher’s Stone. She was only given half, though it was more than enough to drive off the forces that attacked her villages. Still, the stones power has come with some side effects. Jeanne’s emotions have spun out of control. All those that stand before her are a potential target while in Ulysses mode. Fortunately, such power has a time limit. She can only maintain her acceleration for 3 minutes. Additionally, the cost of such power means Jeanne can no longer live among humans. Once those around her saw what she could do, they labeled her as a demon. Heresy of this magnitude will have her hunted all her life. Having no other place to turn, Montmorency will take responsibility! Anyhow, it’s time to pray for bigger breast. Enjoy the sheathed combat!




Episode 2:




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