Island T.V. Media Review Episode 11

He’s back!

Setsuna has done it. He has returned to the past, and retained his memories. All objectives are now more clear than ever. Saving Rinne will be a cinch this time. In fact, handling the problems of each heroine will be dealt with in lighting speed. Setsuna has already done this, after all. It may not be the same as last time, but the outcome is positive for all parties involved. Setsuna’s promise to never forget proved faithful. Rinne has been saved on this day. Additionally, he will remain by her side for as long it takes. As long as she survives this world has a fighting chance for the future.

A great deal of events went by during this episode, though we’ve already seen most of the outcomes. The biggest change that took place was how Rinne’s problem was handled. Setsuna’s ability to handle everything has led everyone down new paths. This new path has also shown Setsuna something he did not see previously. While Sara was showing Setsuna a photo album, he saw his “Rinne”. Remember Rinne of the future? Well, somehow she was able to come back to the past, too. On top of that, she came back with a child. They didn’t show that sex scene for nothing. However, the name we’ve known her by isn’t Rinne. Kuon, Rinne’s mother and Setsuna’s spouse has been here all this time. Now, what could this all mean? We’ll be getting to that next time. Anyhow, ready to correct the past? Enjoy the time traveler!





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We’ve only got one more episode on the island. Join us once more next Sunday for the finale!