Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 48

The limits have been pushed.

Placing full trust in his teammates is Asta’s only hope. Through their combined efforts a strategy that’s never been put to the test is taking on Vetto. Now, the combination of thread and spatial magic has placed Vetto on the defensive. These two magics have allowed Asta to be anywhere and avoid any danger. Still, Vetto isn’t playing on the defensive because he’s forced to. As the trio’s moves become more and more predictable, Asta finds himself in harms way. Regardless, no matter how much they have to push they will break through. One mistake may end it all, but one blow is only he needs to tilt things in their favor.

That trust was well placed. Asta was able to land a crucial stab on Vetto at the very end. However, there’s a number of things we’ll need to go over with this one. First, for the last few episodes they’ve been adapting only one chapter at a time. This has led to things being stretched out, and now we’ve kinda gone anime original. The sudden arrival of Charmy, Gauche, and Grey is anime only. These three never made it in time for Vetto’s fight in the manga. Now, I suppose this won’t change anything important, though just note that their arrival does come out of no where. Moreover, if you haven’t heard the news, well Black Clover is going beyond 51 episodes. In fact, there is no end date for Black Clover now. So, this has led to a unprecedented problem for me, but I’ll talk more about this in the 1 year anniversary post. Anyhow, ready to pull out all the stops? Enjoy the limit breakers!





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Black Clover forever! Guess we’ll be doing this til the end of time as we know it.