Island T.V. Media Review Episode 10

This future is doomed.

One by one they fall, yet there is little that can be done. Humanity has reached its end living under this dome of an “island”. Still, there is hope. Future Rinne has learned the true purpose behind her machine. Generations lived and died for it, and now the moment of truth has come. She was building a time machine to save everyone. Moreover, once Setsuna heard about everything he remembered his purpose for coming to the future. His three objectives are now more clear than ever, but will he succeed? The machine’s completion means he can go back to save Rinne and the world. However, will his memories remain intact while traveling back? Only time will tell.

There were a number of deaths during this episode. Yes, even major characters bit the dust during this one. Regardless, their fates were unavoidable. Humanity was on death’s door step. The only way to save everyone is by changing the past. Setsuna has a lot on his shoulders going forward, though I believe he’ll make it this time. We do only have 2 more episodes, after all. Additionally, if anyone viewing this has seen Black Bullet, then I hope you didn’t get invested in the random background lolis. This time line was too cruel. Anyhow, ready to travel back? Enjoy the snow!


I’m not sure if the anime is going to bring up the importance of this sex scene. It may just complicate things with such little time remaining, but if they do I’ll go over it later.




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We’re going back! So, be sure to join us for another review that was 20,000 years in the making.