Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 1

Prostrate yourselves, your Overlord has returned!

The success of the operation over Re-Estize is a time for celebration and rewards. All those that participated will be getting a day off. It’s time for a relaxing day within the tomb for the creatures of the night. In reality, Ainz is concerned that his subjects will work themselves endlessly. Back when they were all NPCs this wouldn’t be a problem. However, they’ve carried over this behavior, and it can get a tad worrisome if none of them ever take a break. Although do they even know what it means to take time off? Ainz, show them the way!

Season 3 is starting off on the fun side. We’ve been through several conflicts now, and some much needed rest is way overdue. Still, the plot will be picking up real soon. There’s an entire world out there left to conquer. Anyhow, enjoy the skeleton’s day off!




Episode 1:




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