Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 8

She’s back!

Okabe’s sudden shift into the alpha world line has caused quite the stir. On the alpha world line it is impossible to save Mayuri’s life. No matter what Okabe does the world will find away to end her. Although there is one positive on the alpha side. Kurisu is alive and well! Still, this isn’t the ideal outcome. Moreover, Okabe’s sudden arrival to the lab already put him out of place during this world line. The Okabe of this world had given up all hope of saving Mayuri. It wouldn’t be long before the girl genius figured out what was going on. Now, a difficult decision must be made. Even at the cost of her own life, Kurisu knows it is right that Okabe should return back to the beta line. Although convincing Okabe is whole other matter.

Episode 8 is without a doubt the best episode yet. Not only does it feature an alive Kurisu, but also a romantic moment. You’ll see what goes down below. She knew convincing him wouldn’t be easy, and those lips don’t lie. Additionally, there is the matter of how Okabe was able to get back into the alpha side. This is only speculation, yet Okabe’s continued chats with the Amadeus System may have been the cause. Kurisu was only able to build a time machine once she met Okabe. Anyhow, only time will tell what was the root cause. For now let’s enjoy our short time with Kurisu!





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