Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online T.V. Media Review Episode 2

Just who is this “LLENN”?

Squad Jam is on the back burner for now. Episode 2 is all about exploring Karen’s path into GGO. So, where to begin? Karen lives a typical college life, but she has one big problem. She towers over her fellow peers. Being 183 centimeters tall (6 ft) has caused her to develop a serve height complex. However, things were about to change once she learned about VRMMOs. Inside the game world she can live out a reality different from her current one. Finally she could become the cute little girl she always wished to be. Although, it may take her quite a few attempts to get what she’s looking for.

37th try is the charm, right? Anyhow, after numerous failures in other games to get the perfect avatar, Karen eventually lands on Gun Gale Online. It is here where her legend begins. Upon opening her eyes in this world she saw exactly what she wanted. Still, while she now has the perfect body there’s a whole game out there to play. Ready to learn the ins and outs of GGO? Well, at first Karen was a strict PvE player, but eventually one has to encounter other players. It was at that moment that she had no choice but to act. Rushing in guns blazing, Karen swiftly defeated her first group of players. From that point forward her thirst for blood began. Being a player killer gained her quite the reputation, yet she must always remember to watch her back. You never know just who might be holding a gun to your head.

Thankfully, Karen’s wake up call was a friendly one. Pito and Karen were able to become friends quite fast. Additionally, Pito takes on the senpai role. It was thanks to her that Karen was led to her beloved, P-chan. Nevertheless, as time passed the two soon became rivals. Although still friendly, the two struck a deal for the future. It’s just a vow between women. If Karen ever defeats Pito they will have a real life meet up. So, how about some media now? Enjoy!





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Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing plenty more of the Pink Devil for weeks to come. Be sure to tune in here each week for more media!